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Thursday, December 11, 2008


GROUP PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT and ORGANIZATION: Most successful group endeavors, whether, private, public, military or otherwise are notable by their well-planned organizational and command structure. The unsuccessful organizations are overwhelmingly characterized by a lack of any deliberative planning process or structured organization. As we develop an organization, a careful well-developed Plan is a must and a huge advantage in providing stability, effective leadership and continuity of effort. Furthermore a comprehensive Plan provides for a measureable and timely means to gauge success. Once your plan establishes goals, and objectives you then have the ability to establish prioritized tasks. Certain infrastructural tools are an effective means to provide a planned process with an efficient and interactive feedback look. A few very successful and time-proven methods are easily adopted and help to effectively manage what may otherwise be a confusing and daunting process. As with any corporation or military command your organized group should have some form of Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Personnel Policies. Along with those infrastructural tools; a Strategic Plan will be needed, to guide in the development of solutions to longer term issues and a tactical plan to help deal with short-term problems. Yes, I understand that you are not proposing to develop a Corporation; and you will not "Incorporate" your group. However, it is highly advisable to begin to plan your group as seriously as you can, and as professionally as you can; after-all you and your families lives do depend on it. I have formed numerous corporations, both private and public and will append examples of these articles; please feel free to adapt them to your particular organization. Further specific examples of how to adapt these mechanisms will be forthcoming.

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