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Monday, January 30, 2012

Convert from Gasoline to Propane or Natural Gas

Convert from Gasoline to Propane or Natural Gas

Converting a vehicle from gasoline to propane or compressed natural gas (CNG) has long been
a great choice for those who want better cost and economy, better long-term storage of
fuel, and sustainability in terms of storage life. But one of the most critical concerns for anyone considering converting a vehicle to propane or CNG has been availability and long-term economy. Other issues remain, including, safety, availability of fueling stations and storage capacity.

Years ago when I first considered this option one thing deterred me more than any others -
availability of fueling sources. I have been asked why we couldn't use our own home supplied natural gas. The simple answer is that natural gas is delivered to our homes at a very low pressure, vehicles require high pressure. The obstacle has been the ability to compress natural gas at an affordable price. If someone could develop an inexpensive home natural gas compressor it would be an amazing leap forward.

Well....the free-market system (wonder that it is), has now done it. You can now purchase A low cost, natural gas compressor, designed to be bought, mounted and home.

Clean Natural Gas Compressor Station at your own Home

Gasoline versus Propane

Gasoline to Propane Conversion Kits ....found here....

An Overview of the Gasoline to Propane conversion

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for those who want a professional  to convert their vehicle

Bi-Fuel generators by Yamaha

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