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Monday, March 18, 2013

Collectivist Agenda Shows True Colors in Cyprus

The collectivist agenda peaks out in Cyprus.

Well...Well.....This is actually refreshing for a change.  We rarely ever get to see the collectivist's move so openly and nakedly in broad daylight. Normally they operate in the dark like the cockroaches they are.

In order to fund their grandiose schemes of global hegemony and collectivist utopian visions - they have finally taken open steps to keep their lies moving forward - make no mistake - collectivist schemes are ALWAYS destined to devolve to outright thievery and outlaw thuggery.

Socialism, and other forms of collectivism always end up going from soaring rhetorical proclamations about the brotherhood of man, and other bullshit references to how beautiful the world would be if we would all just give them a bit more power....The end result is always, ALWAYS - corruption, mass theft, tyranny, slavery, and genocide. 

If you think your bank accounts in the United States are safe, or even that the US Dollar is really need to examine your premise. The US Government is corrupt as any, and closer to outright (but legal) thuggery than you might think.

Collectivist governments see no problem in stealing, turning its people into slaves both economically and in reality and even brutalizing and murdering its own people - all for "the common good". Don't worry - they will find a way to sell their corruption to the slack-jawed, doe-eyed public. After-all its well-intentioned and meant to help (insert cause here) Kids, the elderly, minorities, civil a wise person once said - beware do-gooders from the government.

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