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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Petromax Multi Fuel Lanterns and Accessories

In case you have not heard of this fantastic company and their rock-solid products - you need to. More importantly, you should own a couple of these lanterns, you could also do a lot worse for your preps by purchasing their military grade, multi-fuel stove. They are rugged, long-lasting and best of all - you can light, heat and cook using gas, kerosene, alcohol, diesel or even biofuels - not sure but I would not be surprised if it was effective with paint thinner too. 

The Britelyt Petromax may be the prettiest as well as the most durable and versatile lantern on the market today. It is made of solid brass and comes with your choice for polished brass or nickel plating. It is made to withstand even the roughest terrains. It shines with 500 candle power, the equivalent of 400 watts of electric light, which is 4 times brighter then most other pressurized lanterns.

It burns for 8 hours on a qt. of fuel, or 32 hours per qt. if set at a lower pressure. It is capable of using a variety of fuels.... Kerosene, Coleman/white gas, mineral spirits, scented and unscented lamp oils, gasoline, diesel fuel and just about any flammable fuel available. The first lanterns developed named Petromax were used by the German armies before and during World War Two. The military significance of a lantern that would burn all liquid fuels from diesel oil to gasoline made the lantern very useful. If you need to change fuels just pour whatever fuel you have directly into the tank. It doesn't hurt to mix fuels and no special attention is required to do so.

It is well sealed to prevent leaks and enable indoor as well as outdoor use. This is wonderful for power outages and use in remote locations. Can't get much more versatile than this. The Reflector is not included, but available below. 

Make sure you buy a couple of extra parts kits.....

Each lantern comes with the following spare parts at no extra cost!
1 - #68 - Needle
1 - #119 - Key for needle
1 - #11 - Rubber washer for filler gauge
1 - #180 - Cleaning needle for preheater
1 - Factory manual
1 - #50 - Nipple for upper vaporizer
1 - #66 - Spanner Wrench
1 - #165 - Funnel
1 - #67 - Alcohol tray filling bottle
2 - Petromax mantles


BriteLyt Military All Weather and All Terrain Heating/Cooking/Lighting Package

This kit was designed for the Military, but campers, hunters and fishermen alike will appreciate its versatility. It includes all the BriteLyt Petromax items you need for Heating, Cooking, and Lighting, all packed in a metal case that offers you neat storage and protects your lantern from the hazards of the trail. The Lantern is equipped with the SS Nozzle and High Performance Mixing Tube. All the accessories are packed neatly in trays for secure storage and easy access. There is even a bicycle style foot pump included for use with the EZ-Pump Valve. The Multi-Fuel capability of the BriteLyt Petromax lantern, along with the completeness of the kit make it ideal for emergency or survival situations. Approx size and weight of box: L - 15"/ W - 10 1/2" / H - 19" Weight approx full: 26 to 30 pounds.
    Items included in our Emergency/Military package.
  • 1-Lantern Nickel Plate finish.
  • 1-Reflector Nickel plated Finish.
  • 1-EZ Cook Top
  • 1-HP-BHA BriteLyt Heating Adaptor
  • 2-1020-500CP Parts kit
  • 1-74-WM Wire mesh Globe
  • 24-4-500CP Mantles
  • 1-Instruction DVD
  • 1- EZ-Pump
  • 1- Foot pump for EZ pump.

Petromax Military Package
Petromax Military Metal Case Only

BriteLyt Military All Weather/Terrain Metal Case

This case lets you store or transport your 500CP Lantern along with many accessories or other gear you already have. It includes the Britelyt Metal Case, and storage trays, but no lantern or accessories are included. The complete kit is available above. Approx size of box: L - 15"/ W - 10 1/2" / H - 19".

 And because I know you are going to go out and buy this:

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