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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Basic Starter SHTF or Disaster Preparedness Plan

Getting Started

Preparedness can definitely be overwhelming, especially for people starting out, or people without a large budget. There are so many things to do that it might be tempting to quit before you start! or get so discouraged you can get depressed. 

This post offers a systematic, step-by-step plan for getting started. Here is a month-by-month calendar of tasks to complete so you'll be on top of emergency preparedness, financial preparedness, and basic food storage. After you've gone through the calendar once, start over again at the beginning, maintaining and improving upon what you've already accomplished. 

Emergency Preparedness
Financial Preparedness
Food Storage (Very Basic 1-yr Plan)
Take first-aid & CPR training. Post emergency #s by phones.
Make a will/trust. If you have one, review & update it if necessary.
Store 7-10 gallons of water per person.
Update first aid kit and have extra medicines purchased.
Commit to save a set amount each month. Set up an automatic transfer from your checking to a savings vehicle.
Store 200 lbs of wheat and/or flour or whole grains per adult (approx cost $30-40 each). Also store 10 lbs of salt per person (approx cost $2 each).
Obtain flashlights, batteries, transistor radio (or check existing).
If you are carrying unnecessary debt, create a debt-elimination calendar and begin paying off the debt (see "One for the Money," p. 5).
Store 10 lbs of powdered milk per adult (approx cost $10 each).
Create a family plan in case of disaster (where to gather, where 72-hr kits are, emergency phone #s, etc.).  
Set up a basic household budget, using any method that fits your needs. Begin tracking family expenses in a way that's useful to you.
Store 25-30 lbs of sugar/honey per adult (approx cost $7-12 each).
 Begin researching a firearm purchase. You can find lots of great information on THIS BLOG. You may want to start with a shotgun - as they are cheap and offer immediate protection without much training. Also collect kerosene lamp, fuel, & matches.
Review your insurance needs (home, life, health, auto etc.) Ensure you have adequate insurance.
Store 30 lbs of dried beans/legumes per adult (approx cost $15 each). Or store canned beans if you wish.
Create a Go-Bag - including first aid supplies, food, water, coins/cash, flashlight, sleeping bag, water/water filter, gun/knife
Dedicate an evening to teach your kids about using money wisely. Make sure children & spouses know where important financial papers (especially wills) are located.
Store 10 lbs of fat/oil per adult (cost varies).
Anticipate what kids might need to cope with disaster. Add to 72-hr kit.
Create a filing system for your important financial papers.
Store 7-10 gallons of water per person.
Gather important personal items (birth certificates, photos, videos) and place in safe deposit box or other secure location away from home.
Copy all important financial papers and place copies in a safe deposit box or other secure location away from your home. You may wish to place certain important documents in 72-hr kits.
Store 200 lbs of whole grains/flour per adult (cost varies).
Gather clothing, bedding, first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, radio, food & water in 72-hr kit you can grab & run.
If you don't already have one (shame on you). Research and purchase a tactical rifle - this is an AR15, AK47, AK74 or other variant.
Store 10 lbs of powdered milk per adult (approx cost $10 each).
Educate yourself by reading a book or article on disaster preparedness.
Create a net worth statement by listing all assets & liabilities.
Store 25 lbs of sugar/honey per adult (approx cost $7-12 each).
Learn/review how to turn off electricity, water, & gas. Put crowbar, wrench, & shovel in 72-hr kit.
Walk through your house with a camcorder or camera to create a visual record of important assets.
Store 30 lbs of dried beans/legumes per adult (approx cost $15 each). Or store canned beans if you wish.
Research and purchase (if possible) a Handgun for each adult in your family. Again good research material can be found on this blog site.
Prepare yourself and make plans to purchase a bare minimum of 2,000 rds of ammunition for each rifle, 1,000 rds of ammunition for each handgun, and 400-600 shotshells.
Store 10 lbs of fat/oil per adult (cost varies).

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