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Friday, April 27, 2012

With One CO2 System You Can Make Soda and Preserve Your Food -

Okay so recently I bought a couple of old used 20lb CO2 tanks very cheap. Then I got them filled with CO2 for, again – cheap. I then ordered a Regulator online for (you guessed it) …

Then I bought an AIR blower wand, a tire inflater extension, some air hose (food safe), and various fittings and check valves for it.

Now the Plan comes together. I have two things in mind for this system.

1.                  A Preservation System for our Food Stores:
A Way to purge and then replace the Oxygen laden air in my food buckets with CO2. More specifically I plan to put the rice, beans, wheat, corn, and other food stuffs in my 5 gallon buckets into Mylar bags, then purge and replace the air with pure CO2 and then heat seal the bags. This will preserve the food in my buckets for many years.

2.                  An Economical Way to Make Homemade Soda
I have found several very thick and strong plastic soda bottles. I then bought several tire air nipples. Then I drilled a hole in the cap and screwed the nipple into the cap using the rubber washer to ensure it is a airtight fit.
To make homemade soda all we have to do is fill the bottles to about 4/5th full of any liquid we like. Put the air nozzle cap on the bottle, open the CO2 regulator and adjust the pressure to about 60 psi. Then it’s as simple as filling up a tire.

You “air” up the bottle with the CO2 till it feels tight – you can actually feel the bottle getting firmer. Then you shake the bottle which forces the CO2 into solution. You know its working when you feel the sides of the bottle getting easier to squeeze again. Then you can do it again once or twice more to get the level of “fizz” you like.

We like to make soda water, lemonade soda, Orange juice soda, and you can always buy Cola, or root beer, or lemon lime syrup which mixes with water. It is easy and super cheap. We will be able to make soda for pennies per quart from now on.

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