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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alternative, Easy, and Economical Bugout Shelter Options

For some Preppers a backup or quickly movable bugout shelter is a major concern. For everyone who plans to have a backup or bugout plan it should be a primary consideration. Shelter is rightly located in the top 3 of any critical priority needs list. Considering its important placement on these lists I offer one solution which might fit many needs. It is highly portable fitting in your backpack, lightweight, cheap, very fast to set up and take down, can be easily configured to provide protection from wind, rain, and insects, and is easily concealable. What is this wonder - the simple hammock.

Other configurations make this an ideal all-around, economical shelter solution. Since it is a hanging shelter it can be hung anywhere, and since it keeps you off the ground - you don't need to lose body heat to contact with the ground , or from rocks or roots under your sleeping bag.

No see-um netting keeps the pesky mosquito's off you.

These sources are a good starting place:

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